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The Center for Senior Benefits specializes in Health and Life Insurance for Seniors, as well as Retirement Planning, Wealth Preservation and Long-Term Care. We are the experts you can count on when it comes to educating our clients about Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap), Medicare Advantage Plans, Hospital Confinement and Critical Illness Plans, Sport and Accident Insurance Plans, Final Expense Policies, Life Insurance, Long-Term Care and Annuities.

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Our Qualifications and Experience

We are not your typical insurance agency. We do not offer the average life insurance sales jobs. Rather, we partner with qualified and quality individuals who excel at serving their clients. We provide ongoing professional training and support, giving our agents the tools necessary to develop their careers beyond the conventional insurance jobs offered by other companies. We take pride in doing what is in the best interest of our clients and seek likeminded professionals to join our team of experienced individuals.


2013 Medicare Open Enrollment Period

October 10 2013

The Medicare Open Enrollment Period is here! From October 15th until December 7th, you have the opportunity to make changes to your Medicare Advantage plan or Part D prescription drug plan. Plans change considerably from year to year, so even if you're happy with your plan in 2013, it makes sense to review how your plan will change in 2014. The trusted professionals at The Center for Senior Benefits are here to answer your questions, and we'll do it for free! Please click below to see our most current TV commercial. We'd love to hear your feedback!


Maximizing Your Social Security Benefit

May 03 2013

Social Security is a complex system, and many people don't understand how to make the most out of their benefits. It is extremely important to understand the options you have before making any decisions, as these options can change the landscape of your retirement.

Please take a moment to read this short CNBC article, by CLICKING HERE, to read details about who is entitled to Social Security benefits and when the best time to start receiving them may be.

At The Center for Senior Benefits we are here to help you develop an income strategy that will work with Social Security so that your retirement savings last as long as you do. If you have any questions, please contact us for a free and confidential consultation.

Long Term Care Information

March 28 2013

Are you aware of the new tax advantages available to you if you properly prepare for Long Term Care expenses? Regardless of your budget, planning for Long Term Care is an essential part of your retirement plan. Why liquidate your assets to pay for Long Term Care when you don't have to?

Please take a moment to listen to our new Long Term Care radio advertisement airing in the state of Utah. If you don't live in Utah, don't worry, we are a nationwide organization and we can help you regardless of where you live.

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Long Term Care Insurance

March 15 2013

Did you know that 1 out of 2 people in the United States of America will require Long Term Care at some point? This includes Home Health, Assisted Living, Adult Day Care, Nursing Home, etc. Did you also know that Medicare will only cover a maximum of 100 days in a Skilled Nursing Facility, and you're not even guaranteed the full 100 days?

Historically, Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi) was like car insurance; if you didn't use Long Term Care, you weren't going to get all the money you spent back. Just like if you never crash your car, you generally don't get your car insurance premiums refunded to you. Times have changed! Thanks to the Pension Protection Act and advancement in LTCi policy structures, LTCi now makes a lot of sense because someone is guaranteed to benefit from the money you paid, whether it's you for LTC expenses, or your beneficiaries (children, charity, etc.) as a death benefit. Additionally, in many cases, you can have some or all of your premiums returned to you if you decide you no longer need/want the policy, even many years down the road.

Why pay dollar for dollar for Long Term Care expenses when you can leverage your dollars and have your Long Term Care expenses paid in tax advantaged ways? Even if you have been denied LTCi in the past, or if you're currently in a Long Term Care facility, we can help!

Please take a moment to read the article below and see how Long Term Care Insurance has been revolutionized!

Social Security and Medicare Changes (Radio Interview)

January 09 2013

Please take a few minutes to listen to this radio interview with Mark Snihurowych, the President of The Center for Senior Benefits, concerning changes in Social Security and Medicare with Rod Arquette on KNRS Radio in Salt Lake City. The interview discusses means testing and how it may impact your Medicare premiums, along with the possibility of raising the age at which people may qualify for Medicare.

To listen to this radio interview, please CLICK HERE

Medicare's 2012 Open Enrollment Period Ending Soon (Video)

December 03 2012

Please don’t forget that this is the last week of Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period (AEP – Annual Election Period) for 2012. This upcoming Friday is December 7th and will be your last day to make any changes to your coverage plan. Take a look at the short video below produced by CMS for additional information.

If you have questions about your Medicare options it’s not too late to speak with someone. Please contact us for a free and confidential consultation. 

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Social Security Disability Summary (Video #4 in a Series)

November 29 2012

We now present the 4th and final video in this series. This video wraps up the discussion from the previous 3 videos and offers a brief summary of the material presented. If you have missed any of the videos in this series, please scroll down to view our previous postings.

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Medicare Supplement Insurance...Medigap (Video #3 in a Series)

November 26 2012

Below you will find the 3rd video in this 4 video series produced by CMS. The information presented today covers Medicare Supplement Insurance, or Medigap. Enrollment is discussed for those both under 65 and those turning 65, and some useful information is given about how Medicare and a
Medicare Supplement work together.

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Medicare Parts A, B, C, D & Enrollment (Video #2 in a Series)

November 21 2012

Today we present the 2nd video in this 4 video series produced by CMS. Continuing where we left off last week, this video briefly provides some more information regarding how Medicare works with Social Security Disability. It goes on to break down the 4 parts of Medicare (Parts A, B, C, & D) as well as the Medicare enrollment process.

This video provides some great information for new Medicare beneficiaries. It can also serve as a great reminder for current beneficiaries as to how the 4 parts of Medicare work together to provide your healthcare coverage.

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Social Security Disability Benefits & Medicare (Video #1 in a Series)

November 15 2012

Today we would like to share a video produced by CMS which provides information regarding the Social Security Disability Program. This is the 1st video in a 4 video series with each covering different Medicare topics. Look for the next 3 videos to be posted in the coming weeks.

We realize that many Medicare Beneficiaries qualify as a result of a disability and not just because they reach the age of 65. This video will be extremely useful for those beneficiaries. It also provides excellent information for those who think they may be able to qualify for Medicare as a result of a disability but weren’t sure how that process works.

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Open Enrollment Reminder (Video)

November 08 2012

Just a reminder that the Medicare Open Enrollment (AEP – Annual Election Period) will come to a close just under 1 month from now on December 7th.
This quick video produced by CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) has a few reminders for those who may be interested in changing plans
or seeing what other options and benefits are currently available.

As always, if you have additional questions or would prefer to speak with someone about your Medicare options, please contact The Center for Senior Benefits for a free and confidential consultation.

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Tips For Using The Medicare Website (Video # 5 in a Series)

October 25 2012

Today we present the 5th and final video in this informative 5-video series. Over the past few weeks we have posted this entire series which discusses different useful tools available on Medicare's website ( To view videos 1 – 4 please scroll down and look for the appropriate Medicare Plan Finder Lesson.

If you have additional questions or would prefer to speak with someone about your Medicare options, please contact The Center for Senior Benefits for a free and confidential consultation.

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Tips For Using The Medicare Website (Video # 4 in a Series)

October 22 2012

The Medicare Open Enrollment (AEP – Annual Election Period) began last Monday, October 15th, and the first week has quickly gone by. In order to assist in your Medicare plan research we have been posting a 5-video series during the course of the past few weeks. Today we present the 4th video and later this week we will be posting the 5th and final video in this series. Each video discusses different useful tools available on Medicare’s website ( and can be quite helpful. To view the previous 3 videos in this series, please scroll down.

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Tips For Using The Medicare Website (Video # 3 in a Series)

October 15 2012

Today is October 15th which means it's the first day of Medicare Open Enrollment (AEP – Annual Election Period). Presented below is the 3rd video in the 5-video series we have been sharing during previous weeks with each discussing different useful tools available on Medicare's website ( Video numbers 1 & 2 can be found by scrolling down to earlier posts.

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Tips For Using The Medicare Website (Video # 2 in a Series)

October 10 2012

In just 5 days the Medicare Open Enrollment Period (AEP – Annual Election Period) will be upon us. As mentioned in our post last week, we are in the process of sharing 5 videos which present an easy-to-follow tutorial for using the tools available on the Medicare website. If you would like to start with last week's video please go to our posting from October 3rd by scrolling down. Here is the second video in this series!

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Tips For Using The Medicare Website (Video # 1 in a Series)

October 03 2012

The Medicare Open Enrollment Period (AEP - Annual Election Period) is now less than 2 weeks away! Have you looked at your options yet? If not, a great way to get started is by visiting Although this website may seem overwhelming, a great deal of important information regarding your plan choices and prescription drug coverage can be found here.

In order to help those who wish to explore the tools presented on the Medicare website, we will be posting a series of 5 videos over the next month which present an easy-to-follow tutorial. The first video can be found below!

If you have additional questions or would prefer to speak with someone about your Medicare options, please contact The Center for Senior Benefits for a free and confidential consultation.

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Understanding Medicare (Video)

September 12 2012

We posted a Medicare Basics video a couple of weeks ago. However, this information is so important, we decided to post another similar video that presents the same information in a different way. Remember, the Medicare Open Enrollment Period (AEP - Annual Election Period) begins on October 15th and runs until December 7th. This is the time of year where everyone on Medicare has the opportunity to change their Part D Prescription Plan or enroll/switch their Part C Medicare Advantage Plan without any medical questions. The Center for Senior Benefits is here to help you through this process. We offer free and confidential consultations to help you determine which plan is best for you.

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Retirement Realities

September 06 2012

Throughout the summer we have posted entertaining and informative videos sharing all sorts of information about annuities. This 3rd and final video in the series is titled “Retirement Realities” and addresses many things that people don’t consider when getting close to retirement.

If you haven’t seen the previous 2 videos in this series, please scroll down to our postings on July 3rd and August 8th or visit our Facebook page

If you have additional questions about the information presented in this video, please contact us. We would be happy to help!
In order to watch this video please click on the link below...


Medicare Enrollment Period Coming Soon! (Video)

August 29 2012

Medicare's enrollment period of October 15th to December 7th is fast approaching! This quick and informative video breaks down Medicare in a way that is easy to understand and fun to watch. For those with additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. And remember, October 15th is just around the corner so it's not too early to start preparing.

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Immunization Awareness Month (Video)

August 22 2012

The Center for Senior Benefits would like to remind everyone that August is National Immunization Awareness Month. Please take a moment to watch this important video explaining Medicare’s Preventive Benefits by CLICKING HERE

Stop Worrying and Start Planning

August 15 2012

The stress of worrying about money is something that has unfortunately become much too common for the average American. Not only are people worried about not having enough money for retirement, but in a recent survey conducted by the Consumer Federation of American and Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, it was found that 30% of Americans plan to work part-time during retirement. Much of the reason behind this number is that only 34% believe they’ll be able to retire at the age of 65 and close to 50% are currently behind on their retirement savings. These are alarming numbers!

No longer can Americans say “once I’ve saved one million dollars I’ll be set for retirement.” It’s good to have a goal and a plan, but these general numbers don’t take into account everyone’s specific needs. An easier method is to figure out how much money you’ll need per month in order to maintain the lifestyle you want throughout retirement. Once you know that approximate amount, then you can work on creating a monthly income stream of a slightly higher amount. This helps to plan for the unknown length of your retirement. While many plan to be retired for 20 years, it’s not uncommon for retirement to last for 30 years or more.

Sitting down and talking about your retirement plans and financial goals with a retirement planning expert is the first step to ease your worries about retirement. Please contact us at your convenience for a free and no obligation consultation.

Annuity Myths and Truths

August 08 2012

As a follow up to the “Annuity Basics” video which we posted on July 3rd, today we would like to share “Annuity Myths and Truths”. This video will help clear up some misconceptions that many people have about annuities. Fixed and/or Fixed Indexed Annuities should be considered as part of a comprehensive retirement plan. In today's market, it no longer makes sense to "bounce my last check" as many people have said in the past. Guaranteed Income for Life means that as you grow older, your income payments will increase, you will never run out of money, no matter how long you live, and in many cases there will still be money left over to leave to your loved ones.

If you have additional questions, please contact us. We are the experts you can count on.

In order to watch this video please click on the link below...


Getting Inspired

July 31 2012

Every 4 years as the Summer Olympics are viewed by people all around the world, we sit in awe and watch the amazing feats and accomplishments of these remarkable athletes. As we watch them run, bike, and swim at amazing speeds and with incredible endurance, it’s hard not to be inspired. The Olympics are more than just a competition for medals, they are a time of blood, sweat, and tears, and a time when we can celebrate the lifetime of hard work it took these athletes to perform at this level. To be inspired by them is an understatement.

Many of these athletes defy their age and do things most can only dream of. Age, however, is only a number and it’s important to remember how important physical activity is, not only for health reasons, but also for our state of mind. At age 71, Hiroshi Hoketsu is part of the Japanese equestrian team at this summer’s Olympic Games where he will be competing against athletes half his age. Ian Millar, also known as Captain Canada, will be competing in his 10th Olympic games at age 65. Most of us will never know what it is like to be in the Olympics, but these stories should remind us of the potential our human bodies have.  

Whether it’s a specific event that inspires you or just the Olympic Games as a whole, use this time to realize your potential and achieve your dreams. Whether you walk a mile or run a 26.2 mile marathon, your body is capable of doing more than you can imagine. It’s never too late to realize a new goal or dream, and at the Center for Senior Benefits we stand behind you 100%.     

Traveling Abroad (Video)

July 25 2012

The summer months are always a popular time of year for people to travel abroad or take a cruise. This short video produced by Medicare helps to answer any questions about Original Medicare's coverage while traveling around or outside of the U.S.

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Having a Written Financial Plan

July 11 2012

The importance of having a written financial plan cannot be overstated. Yet, many people continue to delay taking a few minutes to sit down either with their spouse and/or professional advisor. The latest numbers from the Wells Fargo/Gallup Investor and Retirement Optimism Index show that those with a written plan have more confidence in reaching their retirement goals than those without. The survey showed that a very high percentage of respondents, 82% of non-retired and 92% of retired, who have a written plan felt that they could achieve their future financial goals.

While many people report the feeling of having little to no control over their retirement savings, it’s clear that those with a written financial plan do not consider themselves in that same situation. The problem lies in that only 28% of non-retirees and 42% of retirees say they actually have something in writing. Once you have a plan in place, it helps to instill discipline and also helps to prevent people from making drastic decisions during hard personal or economic times. It’s easier to stick with something that is on paper and to pay attention to the long term goals.

Please don’t hesitate any longer. Having a written plan is the first step in realizing your future financial goals. At The Center for Senior Benefits we specialize in helping people with all aspects of their retirement. Please contact us anytime and we would be happy to sit down with you for a free and no obligation consultation.

Annuity Basics

July 03 2012

If you consider "Annuity" to be a dirty word or your opinion about annuities was formed 10-15 years ago, you'll want to watch this video before you make your next financial decision. Please click on the link below...


Radio Advertisement

June 27 2012

Please take a minute to listen to our latest Radio Ad which can be heard on KSL 1160AM in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Medicare's Preventive Benefits (Video)

June 20 2012

Many of the health problems people face every year can be less serious if they are detected early on. For that reason, Medicare now offers a Free Annual Wellness Visit to help with early detection. Certain Preventive Benefits are also covered by Medicare. This short video from CMS outlines more information about these topics. Please give us a call at 877-891-8385 with any questions.

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Cataract Awareness Month (Video)

June 14 2012

Every year cataracts affect millions of people around the country. If left untreated, this condition can cause blurry vision or eventually even lead to blindness. Therefore, CMS has designated June as Cataract Awareness Month and The Center for Senior Benefits is helping to educate those with cataracts and those who may be at risk. Medicare gives you several options for prevention and treatment as outlined in this short video.

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Retiring as Planned

June 06 2012

While 65 may be the age most of us associate with retirement, that may no longer be the age at which most people are actually retiring. A recent survey by SunAmerica Financial Group found that the average age of those expecting to retire soon is now closer to 69. With financial times changing during the last few years, there are many reasons people are extending their retirement age. The most obvious reason is that you’ll have more time to contribute to your retirement accounts and less time to try and stretch your savings. Postponing Social Security can also increase the size of your eventual monthly benefit payment.

While staying in the workforce for a few extra years may sound like a good strategy, it’s not always possible. In fact, a survey just performed by the Employee Research Institute found that approximately 50% of all retirees end up leaving their job before they had planned. While some choose an early retirement, many are forced out of their jobs by situations beyond their control.

The best method is to have a plan. Once a plan is in place, then you can always adjust accordingly. Here at The Center for Senior Benefits, we specialize in helping people with all aspects of their retirement. Please contact us at your convenience for a free and no obligation consultation.

Medicare Enrollment Periods (Video)

May 30 2012

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period isn’t the only time that allows for changes to be made to your Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. In this short video produced by CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services), they show you when you have the opportunity to change your plan at other times throughout the year.

To watch this video, please CLICK HERE

Taking Control of Your Retirement Assets

May 21 2012

The managing of retirement assets and the attitude towards it have undergone drastic changes in the last few years. According to a recent survey by Koski Research, 35% of Americans are more concerned with protecting their retirement assets than actually trying to grow those assets. While you can’t completely eliminate risk in a growing portfolio, you can take control of it. Unfortunately, many Americans (37%) are not currently investing in products typically used to manage risk.

Most investment portfolios need a certain degree of attention. With the significant market volatility we’ve been experiencing in recent years, a certain amount of monitoring is required. Rebalancing your portfolio is a necessary action in today’s economy. No portfolio should be left on autopilot, and watching your portfolio’s diversification is extremely important. However, don’t get caught up in the current hype. Stick to a plan that makes sense for you and your loved ones.

The Center for Senior Benefits is here to help with all of your retirement needs. We can offer any amount of assistance needed and would be happy to offer you a free consultation to discuss your plan.

Retirement Funding

May 08 2012

For many Americans, preparing for retirement is an exciting prospect. These Golden Years can be a time to travel, play golf, relax by the pool, or watch the grandchildren grow up. Of course, much of this is dependent on having the resources to do these things. In a recent study by Fidelity Investments, it was found that 38% of current retirees fall short of covering their monthly bills. This can largely be attributed to an average 28% income drop upon retiring.

As our nation still faces several years of hardship, many Americans have responded by more aggressively saving for retirement. While the idea of saving is correct, unfortunately most people don’t know where to allocate their savings in order to create the best income stream during retirement. Another important factor is not overspending on things like health care. Choosing the right health plan that fits your needs may not only save you money, but it will also give you better overall coverage.

Since everyone’s situation is different, there is no quick answer on how to plan your retirement. Knowing your options and making educated decisions is very important in retirement planning and cannot be overstated. When it comes to taking control of your future and making the decisions that are best for you, The Center for Senior Benefits is here to offer guidance and assistance. Please contact us for a free and no obligation consultation.

The Future of Social Security

April 26 2012

On April 23, 2012, the New York Times published an article stating that Social Security is unsustainable without a significant change to the program. Current estimates predict that by the year 2033 there will not be enough money in the program to cover 100% of the payments to those in line to receive the benefit.


The last significant change to the program occurred in 1983 when payroll taxes were increased along with retirement age. Despite all of the gloomy facts, there is currently no concrete plan to remedy the problem.  


The only real solution is to take control of your financial future! Too many Americans seem to be relying on Social Security and neglecting their own retirement planning. It is important to create your own personal income stream, which will be supplemented by Social Security, to ensure that you never run out of money.  There are many options available and we are the experts you can count on to help determine which option is best for you.


More detailed information about the financial outlook of Social Security can be read in the New York Times article by clicking HERE


Planning Retirement as a Baby Boomer

April 11 2012

A Baby Boomer is someone defined as being born between the years of 1946 and 1964. Estimates put the number of Baby Boomers to be over 70 million people with the oldest of this group currently reaching retirement age. In fact, according to a Pew Research Center report, there will be an average of 10,000 Baby Boomers reaching age 65 every day for the next 20 years.

Research shows that a substantial number of Baby Boomers are delaying retirement right now. According to Woelfel Research Inc. as many as 64% are expected to supplement their retirement funds with an income generated from employment. Many of the Baby Boomers staying in the workforce are those who counted on Social Security, employment pensions, or personal investments such as IRA’s and 401k’s, all of which have been affected by the troubled economy.

With healthcare costs increasing and long-term care not being covered by Medicare, many Baby Boomers are uncertain how they will manage their finances during retirement. While reallocating from stocks to bonds may have been a useful method in the past, times have changed quite drastically in the last decade and it is highly recommended for people to sit down with a professional to plan each individual retirement strategy on a case by case basis.

Social Security & Your Retirement

April 03 2012

By scrolling down you will find several graphics with information about what Social Security means for you and your future. You may click on each graphic to see a larger and easier to read image.


Only you can determine when you should take your Social Security income. It all comes down to how long you expect to live…if only we had a crystal ball! However, it generally is not recommended to take your Social Security income at 62, and then go back to work. If you do, the Federal Government could penalize you $1 for every $2 or $3 you earn in income. Please contact one of our Retirement Planning professionals for additional information.

The table above shows the age that your draw Social Security on the left, and the age at which you pass away along the top. This is a hypothetical example for illustration purposes only. Please contact us for additional information.


40 Under Forty

February 21 2012

Congratulations to our President, Mark Snihurowych, for being
selected as a 2012 Utah Business Magazine 40 Under Forty Honoree. Please click on the image for Mark's portion
of the article.



March 2011

March 02 2011

The Center for Senior Benefits is proud to launch our new website! Our website is devoted to providing comprehensive, yet easy to understand information about Medicare Health Plans, Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance and Retirement Planning.

Our website is the starting point for deciphering your options as you look towards the next chapter of your life, retirement. We have the unrivaled expertise to address your unique needs and retirement goals.

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